Corporate secretary service in the Philippines

Every corporation in the Philippines is required to have a local corporate secretary. A good corporate secretary will be an invaluable resource for managing your local operations.

  • Meet the legal requirements for corporations in the Philippines
  • A team of experienced compliance advisors behind the corporate secretary
  • Choose between legal minimum or an actual corporate secretary

Hundreds of foreign investors and corporations use Emerhub to manage their corporate secretarial services:

Corporate secretary duties and responsibilities in the Philippines

Every corporation registered in the Philippines is required to have a corporate secretary. The main roles as stated by the laws are the following:
  • Keep all corporate records of the company such as but not limited to - meeting minutes of the stockholder, the Board of Directors etc., Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Board Resolutions etc.
  • Prepare the certifications of Board Resolutions
  • Give authorisation to all documents circulating in the corporation
  • Record changes to the share capital, election, and resignation of directors
  • File General information Sheet with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Why choose Emerhub's corporate secretary as a service?

Get legal, accounting and  business administration skills in one person

A good corporate secretary understands the corporate compliance requirements of several business areas. Instead of relying on one person you get a team of compliance specialists from Emerhub.

Ensure your company complies with local requirements

We will make sure that your company's reporting is done on time and in accordance to the local regulations. Having the experience of working with hundreds of companies gives us the experience you need in a corporate secretary.

Support general manager in administrative tasks

A corporate secretary can do more than just the legally required minimum and advise the CEO / general manager in various administrative issues.

You are by law required to have a corporate secretary 

We give you the option between having a corporate secretary by title (in order to be able to incorporate a company) and a corporate secretary that supports your corporate compliance.

Corporate secretary by title 

Meet the legal requirement of having a corporate secretary 




  • A filipino citizen
  • Support in preparing company incorporation
  • Keeping corporate records
  • 1h / month of compliance advisory
  • Additional services charged per hour

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