Register a foreign company in the Philippines

Set up a foreign owned domestic corporation. Own up to 100% of the company.

  • No minimum capital for many business activities
  • Most industries allow up to 100% foreign ownership
  • Local trustees provided by Emerhub (if required)

Hundreds of foreign investors use Emerhub to set up their foreign companies and manage its compliance.

The process of setting up a foreign owned domestic corporation in the Philippines

Domestic corporation is the most popular legal entity format in the Philippines since it has a relatively easy setup process and allows to fully operate and receive revenue in the Philippines.

Key requirements for a domestic corporation in the Philippines

No minimum capital for export and local companies

The standard minimum capital is US$200,000. However, if you plan to export majority of your products or at least 60% of the shares are owned by local citizens then there is essentially no minimum capital.

Own up to 100% of the company

Most of the business classifications are open to foreign investments. However, some of the sectors limit the maximum allowed foreign ownership.

At least five founding shareholders

Each of the shareholders has to own at least one share in the company and be a private person. Majority of the shareholders must be residents (but not necessarily citizens) of the Philippines.

5-15 directors and trustees

The directors and trustees must own at least one share in the company. Majority of them must be residents.

Setting up a company without local shareholders and directors

A company is required to have at least three resident shareholders and directors by minimum. This is a challenge for many foreign companies. Here is the way around it:

  • Access the resident shareholders that own one share each or the 60% local shareholding if you wish to reduce your required capital.
  • The shares are pledged so that you have 100% of the control of the company and can change shareholders at any time.
  • Emerhub is appointed as the corporate secretary and ensures your company complies with the local laws and regulations.

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